понеделник, 27 април 2015 г.

Indiegogo Crowdfunding: help me open my own doll studio

My name is Ivajla Stoeva and I'm a doll maker.I'm in love with fabrics, colors and patterns and I'm glad that I'm part of the magic that turns a few pieces of cloth into a toy with soul that gives warmth, imagination and beauty.
 My early dolls were  personalized, but gained so much people on my "waiting list"  I had to think of something. Thus was born the idea of ​​DIY dolls (Dress It Yourself), which are sold separately from the clothes and accessories and give everyone the opportunity to be a designer himself and customize their doll. Then I experimented with a new type of smaller dolls (Gush-Gush), which became total favourite. I'm so happy that my dolls are sold literally in minutes, a fact that has encouraged me that I can develop further.And here comes my biggest challange: I work at home (our living room) and I have no place for the growing volume of fabrics, ribbons, fillings ... nor it is appropriate to hire someone to help me with the basic processes of production.
 I believe that now is the time to have my own studio, where to work and spread my ideas. This is my dream and I am ready to realize it. Unfortunately I do not have the  funds to do it and therefore I need you and your support! Thank you for being interested and let me  show you all the rewards  you can get in return: www.igg.me/at/miia