вторник, 1 април 2014 г.

Romantic handmade cloth doll with vintage teddy bear

 This doll was made by custom order from my little shop in www.etsy.com.
I had to make similar to doll Rosalin and as you know I don't make copies.
I really wanted to make another doll as beautiful as her..I hope I did ;)
Let me tell you a secret: this is the first doll I made 2 heads for......the doll was absolutely ready but  there was something in her face that couldn't stop bothering me....so I woke up earlier the next morning and made brand new head for her......If I have to say which is the toughest part of making dolls I would say: absolutely the head! I make everything and drawing the face is the last step...and if something goes wrong with it .....makes everything a mess!
 I bought these fabrics and lace ..so beautiful!
 Then I tought "what is a romantic doll without one vintage bear?" And I didi it..and I love it! I want to make more of it...
 My daughter gave the idea of the crown ! I should listen to my kids more!! A great idea and made it perfect!

 Ruffles, lace, lovely colors, jewellry, butterfly wings and more....

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