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Taara -a little Indian princess doll

 This is Taara-she is little exotic  girl from Idia that now lives in USA with her lovely family and friends: Carla and Sasha.

Having many jewels is absolutely Indian tradition...Taara is still little girl and I guess this is not really suitable for her but I made my choice and put many details (sewn carefully and strong)...yet she have to wait a little to grow....and we all know how fast kids grow.

 Taara from her birth has two loyal guardians and angels: Carla and Sasha.
Making them was really tough task and hope I did it well At the last moment came the idea of colorful pillow with her name on it...so glad I make it

 Janvi (Taara's mom) is also foster mom and volunteer for Weimaraner rescues in America.
Weimaraner parents are crazy about their dogs

 I have to mention that Taara's dress is the first perfect dress that has zip at the back and can be undressed...yeahh I'm really proud with this little achievment And a lots of beads, sequins, shiny stones and more...also bangle on her hand ( I have to make one for the other)
 A lots of hours handwork but the result is stunning!

I had to make  brand new saari (first was white and unfortunatelly I didn't know they wear white only on sad occasions) .I believe that the second time thing always happen better
Even the idea of embroidering her name with Indian fonts came now .
Hand gluing so many shiny stones and new lovely red ribbon....light pink fabric vs. heavy edges: that's how it is supposed to be:)

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